New GxFF Annual Activator Award

Team GxFF are delighted to announce the launch from tomorrow of a new series of annual activator awards. Awards will be given for the activation of 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55 plus references in each calender year. References activated in previous years can be reactivated each calendar year, counting towards the new year’s annual total. Awards will be claimable via logsearch, by selecting the relevant year (2023 on) from the drop down. We’ll publish the designs for the awards soon.

Brass Monkey Award – Winter 22/23

The qualifying period for this years award kicks off on 1st Dec. It will follow the same format as last year. As a reminder:
The award is designed to be a fun way of encouraging some extra GxFF activity over the traditionally quieter months of the year.
All that is required is to go out and activate at least 2 different GxFF references each month in Dec, Jan and Feb. So 6 unique references in total. More than two refs in a month will not count towards the 6.
Logs should be submitted in the usual way. The standard 44 QSOs are required at each reference.
For each reference, proof must be submitted in the form of a photograph published to our Facebook group page, showing activation at the location, with a comment indicating ref ,month and activation number (i.e Dec no.1 or no. 2, Jan no.3,no.4 etc)
Awards will be automatically issued in March, no need to apply
Activators who are not members of our Facebook Group can apply by sending photos directly to

GxFF Awards

GxFF Hunter Award
New GxFF Hunter Award

It is with great pleasure that we announce the re-starting of the GxFF awards program, and the appointment of Adrian M0PAI as the Award Manager.

The new awards will be issued in steps of 11, and will be available to all via WWFF Logsearch – including those who received awards from the previous series.