Pending References

This page lists prospective references, and those sites that have been declined.

Pending Potential References

  • Legacy by G7SQW: Rockland marshes RSPB – status: trying to work out the inter-relationships of the RSPB reserves and the Mid Yare NNR!
  • 2021-05-26 by M1TES: Sprat’s Water and Marshes (Carlton Colville, Suffolk) – part of the Broadland RAMSAR/SPA and The Broads SAC

Approved New References

Declined Sites

Note: all standalone SSSIs are ineligible for references (see the allocation policy)

  • Afan Forest Park – reason: no protected status
  • Altmover Glen SSSI WDPA 142750 – reason: standalone SSSI
  • Black Park SSSI WDPA 92894 – reason: standalone SSSI
  • Blackpill Beach SSSI WDPA 138962 – reason: standalone SSSI
  • Broome Heath – reason: standalone SSSI/LNR
  • Bushy and Home Park SSSI WDPA 555561736 – reason: standalone SSSI
  • Frays Farm Meadows SSSI WPDA 137693 – reason: standalone SSSI
  • Llanelli Wetland Centre – reason: no protected status
  • Stoke Common SSSI WDPA 137471 – reason: standalone SSSI
  • Whippendell Woods SSSI 138060 – reason: standalone SSSI