New GxFF Home Nations Awards

GxFF Home Nations Award
GxFF Home Nations Award (Sample)
Team GxFF are am pleased to announce our new GxFF Home Nations awards for both activators and hunters.

Note: The seven Home nations are England (G), Scotland (GM), Wales (GW), Northern Ireland (GI), Isle of Man (GD), Jersey (GJ) and Guernsey (GU).

These awards will be available via WWFF Logsearch, on the National Awards tab, under GxFF.

Certificates will be available for:

  • Activators: for qualifying activations in different Home Nations starting at three Home Nations activated.
  • For Hunters: for working activators in different Home Nations starting at four Home Nations worked.

The entry level awards will become available shortly; the further increments will be released in due course.

73 & 44 de Mike M0MCY (GxFF awards manager)


Author: Mike M0MCY

Hi I have been a full licence holder since 2013 and love going out portable with my partner Denise to do activations for WWFF . We live in a Park home in Leicestershire where we have serious limits on antennas due to garden size and overhead power lines

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