Update to the Reference Allocation Policy

Allocation of references within GxFF is determined by the Reference Allocation Policy.

We have been approached about adding Llanelli Wetland Centre (owned and managed by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust). At first glance this was declined, as the site is not designated, according to our policy.

However, on further consideration, it was noted that several of the other WWT sites are already listed (eg Arundel, Martin Mere, Slimbridge), and that WWT is a globally renowned group in conservation circles.

Team GxFF have agreed that:

  • The WWT should be treated on a par with the RSPB
  • The remaining WWT sites should be allocated GxFF/WWFF references
  • The Allocation Policy should be updated to reflect this

The ten WWT sites are as follows:

  • GFF-0398 – Arundel WWT
  • GFF-0394 – Martin Mere WWT (and SPA/RAMSAR)
  • GFF-0399 – Slimbridge WWT
  • GFF-0181 – Steart Marshes WWT – part of Bridgewater Bay NNR (and Severn Estuary SAC/SPA/RAMSAR)
  • GFF-0072 – Welney WWT – part of Ouse Washes SPA/SAC/RAMSAR
  • GMFF-0011 – Caerlaverock WWT/NNR (and SAC/SPA/RAMSAR)
  • GWFF-0105 – Llanelli WWT
  • GFF-xxxx – London
  • GFF-xxxx – Washington
  • GIFF-xxxx – Castle Espie


Author: Andrew M0YMA

WWFF Logsearch author, and GxFF Coordinator

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