GWFF Directory Changes

Three new references and two updates have been made to the GWFF Directory

New Reference

  • GWFF-0108 Sugar Loaf Woodlands SAC, Monmouthshire
  • GWFF-0109 Caeau Mynwydd Mawr SAC, Camarthenshire
  • GWFF-0110 Llangorse Lake/Lyn Syfaddan SAC, Powys


  • GWFF-0005 Becomes Carmel NNR/SAC to recognise inclusion of the Cernydd Carmel SAC
  • GWFF-0036 Becomes Craig-y-Cilau NNR/Usk Bat Sites SAC, to recognise the expansion of the reference to take in the wider SAC area. (Please ensure if operating at the Southern end of the reference, that you are not in the adjoining GWFF-0098 Cwm Clydach NNR/SAC)

GFF Directory Updates

A further five new references have been added to the GFF Directory. With the exception of Purbeck Heaths NNR, where we are working to define how a new reference for the “super reserve” would work with the existing NNR references, all UK NNRs should now have been allocated a reference.

New References

  • GFF-0501 Malham Tarn NNR/RAMSAR , North Yorkshire
  • GFF-0502 New House Farm Malham NNR, Nort Yorkshire (working farm, access limited)
  • GFF-0503 St Aidan’s RSPB, Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • GFF-0504 Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits SPA/RAMSAR, Northants
  • GFF-0505 Rex Graham Reserves SAC, Suffolk

GFF Directory Updates

A further eight new references have been added to the GFF Directory

New References

  • GFF-0493 Horn Park Quarry NNR, Dorset (Access by prior arrangement)
  • GFF-0494 Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods NNR/SAC, Gloucestershire
  • GFF-0495 Downton Gorge NNR/SAC, Herefordshire (Closed Mar- Aug)
  • GFF-0496 Morden Bog NNR, Dorset
  • GFF-0497 Longford Lowfields RSPB, Nottinghamshire
  • GFF-0498 Pasturefields Saltmarsh SAC, Staffordshire
  • GFF-0499 Devil’s Pond SAC, East Anglia
  • GFF-0500 Beast Cliff-Whitby (Robin Hood Bay SAC), North Yorkshire



GxFF- Directory Changes

A further six references have been added to the GxFF directory and one updated

New References

  • GFF-0490 Labrador Bay RSPB, Devon
  • GFF-0491  Scoska Woods NNR, North Yorkshire (Access off footpaths, by permit only)
  • GFF-0492 Esthwaite Water RAMSAR and North Fen NNR, Cumbria
  • GIFF-0081 Aughnadarragh Lough SAC, Co Down
  • GIFF-0082 Sheep Island SPA, Co Antrim
  • GWFF-0106 Cardiff Beechwoods SAC, Cardiff

Updated References 

  • GFF-0096 Exe Estuary, becomes Exe Estuary SPA/RSGB to clarify qualifying status and the inclusion of RSGB reserves at Bowling Green, Exminster, Matford and Powderham Marshes

GFF Directory Changes

Ten further references have been added to the GFF Directory and two areas updated.

New references 

  • GFF-0480 Clint’s Quarry SAC, Cumbria
  • GFF-0481 RSPB Consall Nature Park
  • GFF-0482 Sandwich Bay SAC/Sandwich & Pegwell Bay NNR, Kent
  • GFF-0483 Foster’s Green Meadows NNR, Worcestershire
  • GFF-0484 Collyweston Great Wood & Eastern Hornstocks NNR, Northamptonshire (Access by permit only)
  • GFF-0485 Cothill NNR/SAC, Oxfordshire
  • GFF-0486 Hambledon Hill NNR, Dorset
  • GFF-0487 Great Ashby Scar NNR, Cumbria
  • GFF-0488 Highbury Wood NNR, Gloucestershire
  • GFF-0489 Hatfield Moor SAC, South Yorkshire

Updated references

  • GFF-0135 Hamstreet Woods NNR, becomes Hamstreet Woods NNR/RSPB to include adjoining RSPB owned Hibbet’s Wood
  • GFF-0298 Thanet Bay SAC, now excludes any areas contained within the Sandwich and Pegwell Bay NNR, which forms part of new ref GFF-0482


Operation from within references

As there have been issues elsewhere,  it seems timely to remind people of the requirement for all equipment  be located within the boundaries of a reference when operating. To establish reference boundaries, GxFF recommends using DEFRA’s  Magic Map. For Northern Ireland references consult DAERA map viewer. Please bear in mind, car parks, roads etc may not always be inside /part of the reference, it is your responsibility to check.

To maintain the integrity of the program the National Co-ord or Log manager can request documentary proof of valid operation. Team GxFF intends to implement two changes related to this from 1st Jan 2022. The first will be the introduction of random checks for valid operation, the second will be to verify the location of all operators who wish to activate a reference from their home address. Neither of these should place any great additional burden on activators.

For /P operations, many people already post photos to the GxFF or WWFF Facebook Group, where these do not show a verifiable location, the addition of a suitably detailed screen shot from a GPS programme, google maps, OS App etc would suffice as proof, should that activity be selected for checking. We would recommend that adding this becomes the default for any activators who use the Facebook Groups.

For those not posting activations to facebook, there is also the option of creating activation reports for website (login required), we would encourage any activators to do this, as it show cases our activity to a wider audience.

If you are not going to create a post, you should take and keep a screenshot of your activating location, these normally have a time/date stamp info attached.  Again we recommend that you send these in with your logs as proof of location should it be required.

Inability to provide proof of operation within the boundaries may result in the activation being declared void.

In the case of activating from home, activators are requested to contact me directly with the reference their home is in and their address. This is a one off verification process to validate future QSOs.

There’s no suggestion that there are issues with GxFF operations, but the more rigorous approach to checking  location data, brings us in line with some other branches of the WWFF program.

If you know any activators who do not avidly follow the Facebook Grps, or check please pass on. Any questions, drop me a line.

Adrian G1UBL
Team GxFF Co-ordinator

GFF Directory Changes

Ten further NNRs have been added to the directory and two areas updated

New References

  • GFF-0463 Buckingham Thick Copse NNR, Northamptonshire (currently closed to the public)
  • GFF-0464 Cabin Hill NNR, Merseyside
  • GFF-0465 Chaddesley Woods NNR, Worcestershire
  • GFF-0466 Hallsenna Moor NNR, Cumbria
  • GFF -0467 Hog Cliff NNR, Dorset
  • GFF-0468 Cliburn Moss NNR, Cumbria
  • GFF-0469 Mottey Meadows NNR/SAC, Staffordshire
  • GFF-0470 Lewes Downs (Mount Caburn) NNR, East Sussex
  • GFF -0471 Humberhead Peatlands NNR/SPA/SAC – South Yorkshire
  • GFF-0472 The Hudnalls NNR, Gloucestershire

Updated references

  • GFF-0130 Barnsfield Pit – for clarity becomes Swanscombe Skull NNR (Barnsfield Pit)
  • GFF -0138 becomes Northward Hill RSPB (inc High Halstow NNR)