Directory Changes

A number of new references have been added to the GxFF Directory

  • GFF-0511 The Flashes of Wigan and Lee NNR, Greater Manchester
  • GFF-0512 Drigg Coast SAC, Cumbria
  • GFF-0513 Lewes Brookes RSPB, Sussex
  • GIFF-0085 Bann Estuary SAC, Co Londonderry
  • GMFF-0149 Fannyside RSPB, North Lanarkshire

Additional changes to existing references

  • GFF-0310 becomes Mid Essex Coast SPA – Blackwater Estuary NNR/Od Hall Marshes RSPB to reflect inclusion of RSPB reserve
  • GFF-0508 Radipole Lake RSPB is deleted as it was a duplicate of GFF-0104





GxFF Directory changes

A number of new references have been added to the Directory:

  • GFF-0508 Radipole Lake RSPB,  Weymouth, Dorset (Deleted as duplicate 12/2022)
  • GFF-0509 Hornsea Mere SAC, Yorkshire
  • GFF-0510 Wild Ennerdale NNR, Cumbria
  • GMFF-0148 Coll RSPB, Inner Hebrides
  • GWFF-0111 Coedwigoedd Penrhyn Creuddyn/ Creuddyn Peninsula Woods SAC , West Wales and Valleys

Brass Monkey Award – Winter 22/23

The qualifying period for this years award kicks off on 1st Dec. It will follow the same format as last year. As a reminder:
The award is designed to be a fun way of encouraging some extra GxFF activity over the traditionally quieter months of the year.
All that is required is to go out and activate at least 2 different GxFF references each month in Dec, Jan and Feb. So 6 unique references in total. More than two refs in a month will not count towards the 6.
Logs should be submitted in the usual way. The standard 44 QSOs are required at each reference.
For each reference, proof must be submitted in the form of a photograph published to our Facebook group page, showing activation at the location, with a comment indicating ref ,month and activation number (i.e Dec no.1 or no. 2, Jan no.3,no.4 etc)
Awards will be automatically issued in March, no need to apply
Activators who are not members of our Facebook Group can apply by sending photos directly to

GFF- Directory Updates

Updates have been made to  3 references in the GFF Directory

  • GFF-0315 Becomes Dorset Heathlands SPA – Upton/Canford Heath Reserves, to better clarify the area covered. It also takes in heaths in Corfe and Alder Hills area, which are also part of the SPA. A further reference will be created to cover those heaths to the North East that are distant from this area.
  • GFF 0239 Fyfield Down NNR and GFF 0122 Kingston Great Common NNR have been deleted from the directory , as a result of losing their NNR status. Kingston Common can still be activated as part of the overarching New Forest reference.

Team GxFF

The GxFF team are delighted to welcome Ray M0DHP as Awards Manager and Bob M0BOB as Events Organiser, both are active members of the GxFF community and will  be a great addition to the team. Thanks once again go to Mike M0MCY and Denise 2E0LSO for their contribution to GxFF in those two roles over the last year.

GWFF Directory Changes

Three new references and two updates have been made to the GWFF Directory

New Reference

  • GWFF-0108 Sugar Loaf Woodlands SAC, Monmouthshire
  • GWFF-0109 Caeau Mynwydd Mawr SAC, Camarthenshire
  • GWFF-0110 Llangorse Lake/Lyn Syfaddan SAC, Powys


  • GWFF-0005 Becomes Carmel NNR/SAC to recognise inclusion of the Cernydd Carmel SAC
  • GWFF-0036 Becomes Craig-y-Cilau NNR/Usk Bat Sites SAC, to recognise the expansion of the reference to take in the wider SAC area. (Please ensure if operating at the Southern end of the reference, that you are not in the adjoining GWFF-0098 Cwm Clydach NNR/SAC)

GFF Directory Updates

A further five new references have been added to the GFF Directory. With the exception of Purbeck Heaths NNR, where we are working to define how a new reference for the “super reserve” would work with the existing NNR references, all UK NNRs should now have been allocated a reference.

New References

  • GFF-0501 Malham Tarn NNR/RAMSAR , North Yorkshire
  • GFF-0502 New House Farm Malham NNR, Nort Yorkshire (working farm, access limited)
  • GFF-0503 St Aidan’s RSPB, Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • GFF-0504 Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits SPA/RAMSAR, Northants
  • GFF-0505 Rex Graham Reserves SAC, Suffolk

GFF Directory Updates

A further eight new references have been added to the GFF Directory

New References

  • GFF-0493 Horn Park Quarry NNR, Dorset (Access by prior arrangement)
  • GFF-0494 Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods NNR/SAC, Gloucestershire
  • GFF-0495 Downton Gorge NNR/SAC, Herefordshire (Closed Mar- Aug)
  • GFF-0496 Morden Bog NNR, Dorset
  • GFF-0497 Longford Lowfields RSPB, Nottinghamshire
  • GFF-0498 Pasturefields Saltmarsh SAC, Staffordshire
  • GFF-0499 Devil’s Pond SAC, East Anglia
  • GFF-0500 Beast Cliff-Whitby (Robin Hood Bay SAC), North Yorkshire