GFF Directory Updates

A further eight new references have been added to the GFF Directory

New References

  • GFF-0493 Horn Park Quarry NNR, Dorset (Access by prior arrangement)
  • GFF-0494 Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods NNR/SAC, Gloucestershire
  • GFF-0495 Downton Gorge NNR/SAC, Herefordshire (Closed Mar- Aug)
  • GFF-0496 Morden Bog NNR, Dorset
  • GFF-0497 Longford Lowfields RSPB, Nottinghamshire
  • GFF-0498 Pasturefields Saltmarsh SAC, Staffordshire
  • GFF-0499 Devil’s Pond SAC, East Anglia
  • GFF-0500 Beast Cliff-Whitby (Robin Hood Bay SAC), North Yorkshire



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