GFF Directory Changes

Ten further NNRs have been added to the directory and two areas updated

New References

  • GFF-0463 Buckingham Thick Copse NNR, Northamptonshire (currently closed to the public)
  • GFF-0464 Cabin Hill NNR, Merseyside
  • GFF-0465 Chaddesley Woods NNR, Worcestershire
  • GFF-0466 Hallsenna Moor NNR, Cumbria
  • GFF -0467 Hog Cliff NNR, Dorset
  • GFF-0468 Cliburn Moss NNR, Cumbria
  • GFF-0469 Mottey Meadows NNR/SAC, Staffordshire
  • GFF-0470 Lewes Downs (Mount Caburn) NNR, East Sussex
  • GFF -0471 Humberhead Peatlands NNR/SPA/SAC – South Yorkshire
  • GFF-0472 The Hudnalls NNR, Gloucestershire

Updated references

  • GFF-0130 Barnsfield Pit – for clarity becomes Swanscombe Skull NNR (Barnsfield Pit)
  • GFF -0138 becomes Northward Hill RSPB (inc High Halstow NNR)

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