WWFF Directory – British Overseas Territories

Note: this article was originally posted to M0YMA.UK


After careful consideration, it has been decided to restructure the British Overseas Territories within the WWFF Directory.


When the World Flora Fauna program was first established, the Directory appears to have put together inconsistently.

For example, while the seperate parts of the United Kingdom (G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU and GW) each gained a separate section of the Directory (as GFF, GDFF, GIFF, GJFF, GMFF, GUFF and GWFF respectively), the British Overseas Territories were (mostly) grouped under GFF with some grouped under VPFF.

  • VP
    • VP2 under VPFF-0xx
    • VP5 under GFF
    • VP6 under GFF
    • VP8 under GFF
    • VP9 under VPFF-1xx
  • ZD
    • All under GFF
  • ZF
    • All under ZFFF


After consideration, the following structure has been adopted for VP and ZD references:

  • VPFF
    • VP2 under VPFF-2xxx (existing references renumbered)
    • VP5 under VPFF-5xxx (existing references renumbered)
    • VP6 under VPFF-6xxx (existing references renumbered)
    • VP8 under VPFF-8xxx
      • VPFF-80xx = Reserved for British Antarctic Territory (see below)
      • VPFF-81xx = Falkland Islands
      • VPFF-82xx = South Georgia
      • VPFF-83xx = South Sandwich Islands
      • VPFF-84xx = South Orkney Islands
      • VPFF-85xx = South Shetland Islands
    • VP9 under VPFF-9xxx (existing references renumbered)
  • ZDFF
    • ZD7 under ZDFF-7xxx (none yet allocated)
    • ZD8 under ZDFF-8xxx (none yet allocated)
    • ZD9 under ZDFF-9xxx (existing references renumbered)

Note: at the time of this restructure, no activity was loaded into Logsearch, and no qualifying activity is known.

British Antarctic Territory

Within the existing GFF/WWFF directory were a number of Antarctic Bases – these have no justification for inclusion in the WWFF directory and have been removed.

In future, only locations that are designated as Antarctic Special Protection Areas shall gain a WWFF reference.

VP8 – the South Atlantic

Within the existing GFF/WWFF directory, a single entry (GFF-024) covered the whole of the Falkland Islands… this is clearly inappropriate, and has been deleted.  In its place, all entities identified on the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA).

Similarly, for South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, the South Orkney Islands and the South Shetland Islands, all designated areas have been added to the WWFF Directory.

ZF – the Cayman Islands

The three ZFFF areas within the Cayman Islands are unaffected.

New Directory

Details of the new VPFF, ZDFF and ZFFF entities can be found on the British Overseas Territories page.

Author: Andrew M0YMA

WWFF Logsearch author, and GxFF Coordinator

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