About GxFF

What is GxFF

GxFF is the United Kingdom’s contribution to the World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio awards program (WWFF) – it includes the four nations of the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) plus the three Crown Dependencies.

GxFF is used to represent the various call-sign prefixes, while FF is the indicator of a flora and fauna reference:

  • GFF – England
  • GDFF – Isle of Man
  • GIFF – Northern Ireland
  • GJFF – Jersey
  • GMFF – Scotland
  • GUFF – Guernsey
  • GWFF – Wales

Who is GxFF

The GxFF team consists of the following four operators:

  • Andrew M0YMA – GxFF Coordinator
  • Adrian M0PAIĀ – GxFF Awards Manager
  • Carl 2E0HPI – GxFF Log Manager

Please submit your activator logs to logs AT gxff DOT UK