Regional Identifiers in Logs

All GxFF operators, especially those who are operating outside of their “home” nation, are reminded to include the correct callsign data in their logs:

  • STATION_CALL = The Callsign Used
  • OPERATOR = Their Home Callsign

For example:

  1. M0YMA operates as MW0YMA/P while activating a Welsh (GWFF) reference:
      OPERATOR = M0YMA (Homecall with no regional modifier)

  2. M0YMA operates as MM0YMA/P while activating a Scottish (GMFF) reference:
      OPERATOR = M0YMA (Homecall with no regional modifier)

  3. M0YMA operates the GxFF Club call as GX4FF/P while activating an English (GFF) reference:
      OPERATOR = M0YMA (homecall with no regional modifier)

  4. GI0AZA operates as G0AZA/P while activating an English (GFF) reference:
      OPERATOR = GI0AZA (HomeCall with usual GI regional modifier)


GFF Directory Update – April 2017

New References

GFF Logo
The GFF Logo

Eleven new references (GFF-0383 to GFF-0393 inclusive) have been added to the GFF Directory…

  • eight of these are in Norfolk, requested by Andy G7SQW
  • three are in the Northern Pennines, requested by Carl 2E0HPI

Several of these have either already been activated, or imminent activations have been announced.

GFF – Norfolk

As part of a planned update to the entire GxFF Directory, and linked to the assessment of the new entries (see above), all entries within the County of Norfolk now have Region and Worked All Britain square information provided.

The Region information uses the NUTS1 regions (EE representing Eastern England) and the County or Unitary Authority – so for Norfolk, all entries are tagged as EE-No.

In turn, all other references will be updated in a similar manner.

Alice Holt Royal Forest

After much deliberation, it has been decided to assign a reference (GFF-0354) to Alice Holt Royal Forest.

This area of Royal Forest is an Ancient Woodland, owned and managed by the Forestry Commission – of sufficient importance that the original boundary of the South Downs National Park (GFF-0018) was revised to include it!

Previous WWFF activity from the forest, of reference GFF-0018, will be reallocated to GFF-0354.

Note: this article was originally posted to M0YMA.UK

Announcement: GxFF Reference Numbering

GFF Logo
GFF Logo

All activators please note, that with immediate effect, all GxFF reference numbers are now four-digit, with the addition of a leading zero. This is bring GxFF into line with the many programs that have already adopted the four-digit convention.

So, for example, GFF-328 becomes GFF-0328.

Would all activators (and chasers claiming Park-To-Park award credit) please adopt the four-digit number

Note: this article was originally posted to M0YMA.UK